Faith in Action / Service Sunday

One Sunday a year, the entire congregation of First Church Mesa takes the church outside the building in service and volunteerism during our annual Faith in Action Sunday. The excitement and enthusiasm felt by all members as they enter the church is contagious. During worship, blessings are offered for not only the members of the congregation but for all those who would be touched by the services of the church on this day and many to come. While projects vary in length, the community of the church completes multiple projects which represent hundreds of hours of time and service donated to the community. The work and projects completed by the congregation will directly or indirectly benefit thousands within the community.

Projects Touched in Past Years

  • Lowell School
  • Guerrero School
  • Simonne’s Home
  • Carson Junior High
  • Child Crisis Center
  • Snack Sacks for the Homeless
  • Toiletry Kits
  • Shoes, Socks, Undies & Sweatshirts
  • Blankets for the Homeless
  • Cookie Bake for Police & Fire Departments
  • Correspondence to the Military
  • Seed Planting Project
  • Neighborhood clean-up
  • Citrus Picking
  • Mural Painting
  • Shoe Drive
  • Cleaning buckets for Save the Family
  • Singing and Visiting at Nursing Homes
  • More!

Faith in Action painting a fence

Faith in Action packing snack sacks

Faith in Action baking cookies