Funeral and Memorial Services

A funeral or memorial service held at First Church is both beautiful and meaningful. Our caring staff works hard to ease the difficulty of losing a loved one and helps to ensure that the service is a fitting tribute that is both uplifting and celebratory.

Our staff will work hand in hand with you to assist in things such as music, flowers, digital photo slideshows, bulletins, tributes, luncheons and receptions.

Music is usually a major component of a memorial and can range from simple recorded music or the grandeur of our full pipe organ and accompanist.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Does the deceased or family of the deceased have to attend or be a member of First Church, or of the United Methodist Faith?

No. You need not be affiliated with the church in any way, many people choose us for the beauty of our Sanctuary and proximity to downtown Mesa. The service may be performed by one of our United Methodist Ministers or a clergy of your own faith. Some services involve very little religious scripture and are more of a spiritual nature.

Can the service be customized to fit the personality of the deceased?

Yes, prior to every service the family members will meet with our pastor and staff to get a good understanding of the personality, likes and interests of the loved one who has passed. Every detail can be coordinated to the uniqueness of the deceased, including favorite hobbies, sports teams or personal faith journey.

Who handles the arrangements for the body or cremation remains of the loved one?

A funeral home of your choosing will handle all of the preparations of the deceased prior to burial or internment. Cremation remains are typically delivered to the church prior to the service and our office will take possession of them, ensuring that they are placed on the altar prior to the service. For a service with a casket and viewing, the funeral home typically coordinates with the church office to arrive at least one hour prior to the service and our events coordinator will ensure that everything is in place and looking beautiful prior to the service. If the family chooses, arrangements can be made for a pastor to attend the graveside burial as well.  Our church staff members are caring individuals who ensure that everything is carried out with the utmost respect and dignity towards the deceased and also to the family left behind.

If you are interested in scheduling a funeral at First United Methodist Church of Mesa, contact  to discuss arrangements and fees.

Thank you for the opportunity for First Church Mesa to be a part of these important celebrations of life.